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Although it is not easy to open the business and develop the market.As young as we are should go for fighting . A glorious future and a prosperous enterprise need our efforts.With a solid pace, a stable footprint following the era of progress we can create splendid benefit.


Company development history


Shita village,Yiwu City

The first generation of workshop

Early plant

Entrepreneur team


In the summer of 1997, Xu Chuanhua spent a few years’ savings total 5000Yuan start his first business at Shita village Yiwu city in a mud house plant which is less than 200 square meters.


He bought 3 manual knitting machines start towel ring production and processing business.In every early morning, he went to small commodity market  to sell the towel rings by bike where was 18km away.At night,he kept working with three other workers until midnight then go for rest. He started processing manual garland in 1998.


Dashui village,Yiwu City

The second generation of workshop

Early plant

Early store in market


In April 1999, Xu Chuanhua was not satisfied with the low efficiency of manual mechanical production,so he purchased 10 hosiery machines from the market, through his own learning to refit them into electric weaving machine.With advanced  production efficiency, the quality also has improved products are popular and favor by customers. In order to expand production, factory was moved closer to the market Dashuiban village.Meanwhile,he have rented a 3 square meters of stall as a direct sales platform in Yiwu commodity market. With autonomous production of raw materials, began in 2000 he set up the ribbon workshop and flax workshop to produce elastic, also the processed products increased to 100styles and the stall raise to three in Yiwu commodity market as well.In 2001 he lease a 20 square meters’ store in No.19 4lane ,market road named "Biyue jewelry".



Subcamp,Yiwu City

The third generation of workshop

Office environment

Mature of workshop


In 2002, the factory continued to expand the scale and was moved to a 2000 square meters located in Chengxi road. To divide the work he set up the blister, ribbon, handmade, flat car, packaging etc. the same year, the company increased to more than 200 employees, gradually got rid of the past generation process of pure business model. Base on the the inheritance of traditional jewelry technology and design,company integrate modern advanced technology as well. positive innovation, development and design,Baihe ornaments established it own brand and sales channels.A great vision of Xu Chuanhua who timely grasped the development trend, first set up foreign trade sales department and took the lead in jewelry industry. With standardized the operate process, fully guaranteed the product flow, Baihe ornaments accessed to Yiwu international trade city take advantage of the modernization,internationalization and informatization platform to further impress “Baihe” brand,and fulfil the mass production,the needs for wide range business.In 2003, the companys annual output reached 30 million yuan.



Chengxi industry district,Yiwu City

The fourth generation of workshop

Modern machinery

Self-contained workshop

In 2004, Baihe ornaments co., LTD moved to Chengxi industrial zone, an area covers 13000 square meters workshop completed and put into production,it marked Baihe ornaments owned its independent land and factory building, for the enterprise well-organized development provided a wider space.In December 2005, Yiwu